Parallels Desktop Free Download For Mac – Latest Update

Parallels Desktop Free Download
Written by M Abbasi

Parallels Desktop Enable to run Windows and other Operating system on a Mac Computer

Parallels Desktop is one of the fastest, essayist and powerful Virtualization software to run Windows Operating system on Mac Computer.

Not only Windows operating system Parallels desktop enables you to run Linux and other operating systems on your Mac Computer. even you can run another or older version of macOS as a virtual machine.

When you are you on macOS Mojave which is the latest operating system for Mac Computer users. and need to work with macOS High Sierra which is the older version of macOS Parallels Desktop enables you to run it as a virtual machine on your Mac Computer. without rebooting.

Parallels Desktop 14 is now available and fully optimized for macOS Mojave Latest Version. But you can install an older operating system on it to work with older applications on Mac.

Download Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac

Parallels Desktop is a premium Virtualization software for Mac User, if you need Parallels desktop for your future task you’ve to pay for that.

  • Access Microsoft Office for Windows and Internet Explorer.
  • Develop and test across multiple OSes in a virtual machine for Mac.

Quickly move files, applications, and more from a PC to a Mac®.

Fast—run Windows applications without slowing down your Mac.

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Watch the Video Below How to Run Windows on Mac

Parallels Desktop comes in three Editions Starter Edition, Pro Edition and Business Edition which I explain as bellow.

Parallels Desktop Starter Addition

This is the very first edition of parallels desktop for doing some simple and easy task as it’s recommended for Home and students use with charges of $79.99.

Being a Home user or IT student this is your first choice to install windows on your Mac Computer.

Parallels Desktop Pro Addition

When it comes to Pro Edition every thing sound good work better than the starter edition but only you have to pay a better amount for parallels desktop Pro Edition charges for pro edition is $99.99/yr.

This will be your best choice for being a Developer, Tester and Power Users. to develop any Android Applications on windows or may test different operating system.

Parallels Desktop Business Addition

All IT admins know that Mac’s are coming into the business from all levels of the organizations. At the same times you need to support mac users who need to access to business critical windows applications.

Parallels for Mac. Business editions is built upon the world’s best solution for running Windows on Mac. And used by thousands of companies worldwide. the charges for Business edition is $99.99/yr.

Features OverViewStarter EditionPro EditionBusiness Edition
Download and install Windows 10 in one clickYesYesYes
Optimized for macOS Mojave (10.14)YesYesYes
Customize Touch Bar for Windows applicationsYes Yes Yes
Virtual RAM for each VM 8GB vRAM 128GB vRAM 128GB vRAM
Virtual CPUs for each VM4 vCPUs32 vCPUs32 vCPUs
Integration With Chef/Ohai/Docker/VagrantNoYesYes
Network conditioner to simulate speeds and testNoYesYes
Visual Studio plug-InNoYesYes
Debug, dump VM or start an SSH session from menuNoYesYes
Support for business cloud servicesNoYesYes
Premium 24/7 phone and email support 30-daysLife TimeLife Time
Centralized administration and managementNoNoYes
Unified volume license key for mass deploymentNoNoYes
Select Your Perfect EditionBUY NOWBUY NOWBUY NOW

How to Install Parallels Desktop on Mac

Parallels Desktop installation is simple and easy as other program installation on Mac Computer if you are a Mac user you exactly know the installation and can skip this step.

But as a new user to Mac you have to check out the following steps to install Parallels desktop on Mac Computer to run Windows Guest Operating system in your Mac Computer.

Step 1: open Parallels Desktop Setup File.

After you have downloaded the Parallels Desktop setup file from Parallels desktop official Website. simply click on the file to start the installation wizard.

Install Parallels Desktop

Step 2: Parallels Desktop 14 Installation

On the installation wizard page you have click on the install button and wait for while this may take a few second to arrange the installation file.

Parallels Desktop Installation

Step 3: Software License Agreement

If you need additional information about license term of Parallels desktop you can read the full description. if you know you can simply click on accept to process the installation.

Parallels Desktop Incense

Step 4: Login Credential

MacOS will ask you for your login details you have type your password for the installation process.

Parallels Desktop Installation Process

Step 5: Parallels Desktop Installation Process

The installation process will take few times you don’t need to be worried after copying installation files you will get to the next page of installation.

Parallels Desktop File

Step 6: Open Security Preference

The Installation Process will ask you to open the security Preference and allow the software Installation.

Allow Parallels Desktop Installation

Click on Allow that will allow the installation of Parallels desktop on your Mac Computer.

Allow the Installation

When you change the setting macOS will ask you for login detail type your password and click on Unlock.

Login Details to install Parallels Desktop

Parallels Desktop will ask you for windows 10 Installation if you don’t have an ISO file of windows 10. You can download windows and install as Guest operating system on your Mac Computer.

Download Windows 10 on Parallels Desktop

Windows 10 Download Process will take time. and this step depends on speed of your internet connection.

Window Downloading on Parallels Desktop

Now you are down With installation of Parallels Desktop on MacOS Operating system to Run Windows Guest Operating system on Mac Computer.

How to Install Windows 10 on Parallels Desktop on Mac

When you install Parallels Desktop on your Mac Computer now its time to create a new Virtual Machine and Install Different Operating system as a guest operating system.

Step 1: Create New Virtual Machine

To do that simply click on File and New.

Virtual Machine on Parallels Desktop

Step 2: Installation Assistant

in this step you have decide how you want to install Windows on Mac Computer whether you want to download from Microsoft, Install Windows From DVD or ISO File, even you can transfer your windows from a PC.

in this step we will do the Windows 10 Installation from an ISO File.

Install Windows 10 From Image File

Step 3: Select Installation Media Type

You can install Windows 10 on Parallels desktop on Mac From a DVD, Image File and USB Drive.

in this article we Will install Windows 10 from an ISO Image file.

Select Windows 10 Image file

Step 4: Select Windows 10 ISO File Image.

Make sure you have downloaded Windows 10 ISO file before doing this step Click on Select A fine and select windows ISO File and Click on Open

Windows 10 ISO File

Step 5: Windows 10 Incense Key

Windows 10 Installation on Parallels Desktop on Mac Computer. Will ask you for a valid license key, But you can skip this step to proceed the installation.

Click on Continue and Select Skip.

Windows 10 License Key

Click on Continue for Windows 10 Installation.

Windows 10 on Parallels Desktop

Step 6: Virtual Machine Name and Location

Confirm to type an Exact name for every Guest Operating system this will help you to understand which operating system to run in the future.

and make sure to store the virtual machine file out of your Host Operating system Drive.

Windows 10 VM on Parallels Desktop

Step 7: Customize Windows 10 Virtual Machine

Now you are done you have customize the virtual machine for better performance to increase the Ram and Processor of Windows 10 Virtual Machine on Parallels Desktop on Mac.

Customize Windows 10 VM

Increase the Ram and Processor as your demand and click on change to apply Now you are done With all setup and configuration of Windows 10 on Parallels desktop on Mac Computer.

Increase Ram and Processor

Simple you have to click on the Play Button to start Windows 10 Virtual Machine on Parallels Desktop on Mac.

Run Windows 10 on Mac With Parallels Desktop

This was the Primary Instruction Guide for New users who want to install a Windows operating system on a Mac Computer.

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