How To Install macOS Sierra Final on VMware on Windows

macOS Sierra on VMware Windows
Written by M Abbasi

Whether you are an IT student or IT Professional, or Developer. Using Windows on your physical computer. and the need to complete your work with macOS Sierra is here. VMware Virtualization will help you to install macOS Sierra on Windows using VMware.

This step by step article is on How to install macOS Sierra Final on Windows using VMware virtualization Software. if you follow the steps I am sure at the end of the article you will have your macOS Virtual machine ready and you can work easily with cool features of macOS Sierra.

Steps To Install macOS Sierra On VMware On Windows

To begin with, the installation of macOS Sierra on VMware Workstation on Windows …………..

  1. Download Required File
    Download all the required files……
  2. Extract the macOS Sierra VMware Image
    Extract macOS Sierra Final VMware Image with WinRAR…
  3. Install VMware Workstation Pro
    Install VMware Workstation Pro or VMware Workstation Player……….
  4. Install macOS Unlocker
    install macOS Unlocker to enable macOS installation in VMware Virtual Machine…….
  5. Create a Virtual Machine 
    Create a New virtual machine for macOS Sierra………
  6. Edit the Virtual Machine
    Customize virtual machine to add the existing VMware image file………….
  7. Editing the VMX File
    Edit the virtual machine VMX file to add code and save…..
  8. Install macOS Sierra Final on VMware
    Start the Installation Process…….
  9. Update macOS Sierra On VMware
    Update to the latest version of macOS Sierra on VMware Virtual Machine……..
  10. Install VMware Tool
    Install VMware tools for full-screen view…….

Here is an instructional guide with particular images to install macOS Sierra final on VMware Virtual machine on Windows PC…………..

Step 1: Download Required Files Before You Start

Download macOS Sierra 10.12.6 Final VMware Image macOS Sierra VMware image is a file which contains all the installation required files to install macOS Sierra on VMware virtual machine. we have two download section for macOS Sierra VMware image one is single VMware Image file. that you can download directly from the below links. Second, we’ve divided the macOS Sierra VMware image file among five Parts for those who are having internet problem that they can download in multiple parts and extract them after downloading.

For more detailed information about this Version, please visit: VMware Workstation Pro & VMware Workstation Player

Note: In this article, we have used VMware workstation Pro so the guide is related to VMware workstation pro, but the same process will be followed for VMware workstation Player free edition.

Step 2: Extract The macOS Mojave VMware Image

We Comprised macOS Sierra VMware image with WinRAR Because Files can become corrupted when they are transferred over the internet in an uncompressed format.

After Downloading macOS Sierra 10.12.6 VMware Image. you need to extract the file with WinRAR.

Extract macOS Sierra VMware Image
Right Click Then Extract Here

To do that Download and install WinRAR. Right-click on macOS Sierra Final by TechCrowder.rar, Select “Extract Here

macOS Sierra VMware Image
Extract macOS Sierra

The Extracting Process will take some time due to the size of macOS Sierra VMware image smaller file will take less time.

Step 3: Install VMware Workstation Pro In windows PC

VMware Workstation Pro installation does not follow a complicated procedure. It is as simple as the installation of other regular software in your windows operating system, but you need to be clear about the installation. I will let you walk through every step with configuration screenshots.

Open Setup.exe file for VMware Workstation Pro installation, then you will be guided to VMware Workstation Pro setup wizard which will provide assistance to you in installation.

VMware Setup Wizard
VMware Setup Wizard

Similar to other software, VMware Workstation Pro has a user license agreement. You have to accept and continue the installation.

User License Agreement
User License Agreement

On this page, you will be able to change the installation destination and can enable keyboard driver installation which needs a system reboot.

Installation Destination
Installation Destination

User experience settings help users to remain up to date and maintain the VMware Workstation Pro.

 User Experience Settings
User Experience Settings

This is a better option to create shortcuts on the desktop or start menu for the quick access of VMware Workstation Pro.

 VMware Shortcuts
VMware Shortcuts

Things sound good so far. Let me tell you that you are ready to install VMware Workstation Pro on Windows Machine. After completing the basic installation configurations, you have to click to install.

 Ready to Install
Ready to Install

Installation of VMware Workstation Pro is not much time-consuming. A few seconds pass by, you will be notified about the completion of installation.

 Installing VMware Workstation Pro
Installing VMware Workstation Pro

Here, you have successfully installed VMware Workstation Pro on Windows machine. You have approximately arrived at the point of creating a new virtual machine and installing your desired operating system on VMware Workstation Pro.

 VMware Installation Completed
VMware Installation Completed

To affirm that you have succeeded in installing VMware Workstation Pro on Windows 10 machine, you have to look for VMware Workstation Pro Shortcut on desktop or search on the start menu and open VMware Workstation Pro.

Step 4: Install macOS Unlocker

VMware Unlocker is a tool that enables mac OS X Installation on VMware. By default, you can’t install any mac OS operating system on VMware.

VMware Unlocker
Install VMware Unlocker

This will open your Windows Command Prompt “CMD” and will do the process auto.

Step 5: Create A New Virtual Machine

Open VMware Virtualization Software any Version you are using. I am using VMware workstation Pro. for this article.

Create New Virtual Machine
VMware Workstation Pro

Click on “Create a New Virtual Machine“. and select Typical Installation which is recommended. Go “Next”.

On the Guest Operating System Page select “I Will Install the Operating System Later.” Go Next.

Virtual Machine Typical Installation
Typical Installation & Operating System

Select “Apple Mac OS X” and “macOS 10.12” From Version Drop Down. on the next page type the desired name for your virtual machine and brow for the location of the file where to store.

macOS Sierra 10.12
macOS Sierra

Confirm virtual machine files location on any drive of your computer.

Virtual Machine File location
Virtual Machine Location

Disk Capacity is by default on 40 GB which is recommended. you don’t need to change that.

Make sure to select virtual disk as a single file for better performance of macOS Sierra.

Virtual Machine hard Disk
Virtual Hard Disk

You are done with creating a new virtual machine for macOS Sierra Final on VMware.

Step 6: Edit Virtual Machine Setting

Now you to do some customization for macOS Sierra before going to the installation step.

Click on Edit Virtual Machine Settings.

Edit macOS Sierra Virtual Machine
Edit Virtual machine

From the left navigation menu select “Memory” and increase the virtual machine memory up to 4 GB.

Ram Memory for macOS Sierra
Increase Ram Memory

Next On Processor tab and select 2 Number of Processor.

macOS Sierra Processor
Setup Processor

Select “Hard Disk (SATA) 40 GB” then click “Remove

Remove Hard Disk
Remove Hard Disk

Click Add Hard DiskSATA, Click “Use an Existing Virtual Disk

Add Hard Disk for macOS Sierra
Add Hard Disk
Sata Hard disk for macOS Sierra
SATA Hard Disk

Browse to download Image location file then click Open

Use existing Hard Disk
Use Existing Hard Disk

You’re done Click on Finish

Step 7: Edit VMX File of Virtual Machine

Open Your Virtual Machine Folder “C:\Users\your user\Documents\Virtual Machines”. Right click on VMX file then select Open with “Notepad”.

Edit VMX file
Edit VMX file

Copy then Paste the below code

smc.version = "0"
VMX file Code
VMX file

Step 8: Play Virtual Machine To Install macOS Sierra Final

We have completed the complicated task of creating and configuring New Virtual Machine for macOS Sierra 10.12.6 final in VMware workstation Pro to install inside windows 10.

the macOS Sierra 10.12.6 final installation is pretty easy. as a fresher follow the steps for installation. if you know the process you can skip this step.

macOS Sierra Welcome page
macOS Sierra Final Welcome Page

You have some amazing transfer feature if you need you can use. but for this article, we select don’t transfer any information now. and click on Continue.

Transfer Option in macOS Sierra
Transfer Information

You can sign in with your apple if you need to use on the store. but we skip the apple ID sign in here and continue.

Apple ID Login page macOS Sierra
Sign in Apple ID / Skip

Create a secure account for macOS Sierra final with your desired User Name and and Password.

User account macOS Sierra on VMware
User Account & Password

Getting things ready for macOS Sierra final on VMware you are few seconds away for the first look of macOS Sierra final on VMware.

Setting up macOS Sierra
Setting Up macOS Sierra

Amazing, if you are in this step it means you have successfully done all the step and install macOS Sierra final on VMware.

macOS Sierra on VMware on Windows
Installation Completed

Step 9: Check for macOS Sierra Update

after you successfully install macOS Sierra on VMware virtual machine in windows. you can easily update your macOS Sierra to the latest version direct from apple store.

Simply click on the Software Update button as shown on the image below.

macOS Sierra Update
check Update

We are on the latest macOS sierra 10.12.6. so we don’t see any update if you using an older version of macOS Sierra you will be able to update free of cost from apple store.

macOS Sierra latest on VMware
Latest macOS Sierra

Step 10: Install VMware Tool

VMware tool is a set of drivers and file that enable you to share files between your guest operating system and the host computer.

the cool feature of VMware tool is full screen view after VMware tool installation you will be able to enjoy full screen view of macOS Sierra final on VMware.

Install VMware tool
Install VMware tool

Follow the instantiation guide to complete the process.

Restart after VMware tool installation
Restart macOS

You are done with the installation of VMware Tools for macOS Sierra final. Now you have to go for a system restart click on the restart and wait for the macOS Sierra after a restart process.

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