Download VMware Unlocker for VMware Workstation

Download VMware Unlocker
Written by M Abbasi

VMware Unlocker is design to enable macOS installation on VMware Workstation on Windows PC. So if you are a technical person and interested on working with different operating system in a single environment virtualization will help you to do this.

Installing Operating system like windows, Linux and other operating system inside VMware Virtual Machine is supper easy because VMware Workstation directly support installing this types of operation system.

But for macOS operating system you have to go for some technical steps to get it ready for installation of macOS. all you have to do is just downloading VMware Unlocker and installing the script after installation of VMware Workstation and before creating a new version machine.

Because if you don’t install VMware workstation before creating virtual machine you will not have an option for macOS Operating system on the page where you will be asked for Guest Operating system type and versions.

Step 1: Download and Install VMware Workstation

VMware workstation is the best choice for windows users, due to it’s clean user interface and reliable performance. with this virtualization software you can run different multiple operating system on the same time even using your host operating system.

Want to know more about VMware Workstation follow the links on VMware Workstation Pro & VMware Workstation Player

VMware Downloading VMware Workstation Setup you have to run the setup file and wait for the installation wizard to appear on your computer screen.

VMware Workstation Installation Wizard
VMware Workstation Installation Wizard

The installation Wizard walk you through every page with information which are only just a click until you get the to ready to installation VMware Workstation Pro. Every thing sounds click you have to click on “Install”.

Ready to Install
Ready to Install

VMware Workstation Pro Installation is Completed.

VMware Installation Completed
VMware Installation Completed

If you need step by step guide how to install VMware workstation Pro Follow the links bellow.

Download and Install VMware Workstation Pro

Download and Install VMware Workstation Player

You have successfully installed VMware Pro on your PC, which is the latest version of VMware Workstation Pro, in this article we target VMware Workstation Pro, but the process will be no different installing VMware Workstation Player, so don’t be worry if you are installing VMware Workstation Player. Continue to Next Step.

Step 2: Download and Install VMware Unlocker

As we have told you that VMware Unlocker is a set of tools that enables macOS installation on VMware Virtual Machine. so now you have to download and install VMware Unlocker to enable macOS installation on VMware Virtual Machine. so let do the process.

IMPORTANT: Always uninstall the previous version of the Unlocker before using a new
version. Failure to do this could render VMware unusable.

This unlocker Unlocker 3 is designed for VMware Workstation 11-15 and Player 7-15.

After Downloading the Unlocker 3 you have to extract the file with WinRAR.

Extract VMware Unlocker
Extract VMware Unlocker

After you have extract the file now open the unzip folder and look for “win-install.cmd” right click on that and “run as administrator”.

Install VMware Unlocker
Install VMware Unlocker

CMD will open automatically and start the installation you don’t have to do more after completed the process CMD will close automatically.


Installation is completed now you enable to install macOS on VMware virtual machine and select which macOS Version you want to install. so lets continue to create a new virtual machine for macOS.

Watch the Video to Install VMware Unlocker

Create macOS Virtual Machine on VMware Workstation

Creating a new virtual machine in VMware workstation pro is not a complicated task its just some simple clicks you to have do and get the virtual machine ready for macOS installation.

  • Open VMware Workstation Pro
  • Create a New Virtual Machine
  • Select type of configuration
  • Select Guest Operating System
  • Select Guest Operating System Types
  • Virtual Machine Name and Location
  • Attach Virtual Hard Disk
  • and Finish

Only you have to do this much for creating a new virtual machine.

if you the process in more details you can read the article on how to create a new virtual machine in VMware workstation Pro. which will guide you on every steps with images and much more details

How to Create Virtual Machine in VMware Workstation Pro

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