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macOS High Sierra VMware Image
Written by M Abbasi

Are you willing to install macOS High Sierra as an isolated operating system on a Windows PC, Using VMware Workstation? Typically, you will need to download the operating system installer file. For any other operating system, you will surely search for ISO file on their official website. Which is free to download and install on a virtual machine like VMware and VirtualBox.

In fact, if you want to install macOS High Sierra on VMware Virtual Machine. You must download the macOS High Sierra VMware Image (VMDK) file. Which is not available for download on the Apple app store. That’s because Apple doesn’t allow installation of macOS on third-party hardware the only supported hardware are apple computers.

VMware Workstation is the perfect tool for learning. Most importantly, the isolation and sandbox capabilities of VMware Workstation make it the perfect choice of windows users to learn about the new operating system, application and how they work. In addition, it also allows you to explore software and applications developments in a real-world environment without interfering with the host desktop.

If you are worried about the installation of macOS High Sierra on VMware. For instance, We have arranged the instructions guide for you step by step you will be able to get macOS High Sierra on a Windows PC. With the help of some tools and required files which are included on the installation guide.

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Download macOS High Sierra VMware Image

You can directly download macOS High Sierra VMware image from the links given below. You don’t need to worried about the files because we have tested all the files before uploading on the cloud server. Most importantly, you may face problems while downloading the files from other website and end up some broken files. Therefore, the links provided below is a direct download link from cloud server which is the fasted file transfer and file sharing service provider.

Note: This is for students and educators use it for learning and training Non-commercial, personal and home use.

What is a VMDK File?

This is a virtual disk file, which stores the contents of the virtual machine’s hard disk drive. Additionally, It’s a file that contains all the operating system installation files.


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